Mindset Matters. Develop a Winning Mindset. Why I write, speak and coach.

Helping aspiring leaders build a winning mindset to overcome career obstacles

My Purpose. Or Said another way, my WHY? I’ve mastered my winning mindset and you can too!

Many self-help gurus and motivational leaders start their presentations with a section on mindset and purpose. I’ve had a passion for being a mentor my entire life. From my childhood as a Boy Scout to my current role as SVP Finance, Chief Accounting Officer for a publicly traded company, I have been always prioritized helping others. Recently, I received amazing feedback from a local Judge on a presentation I gave to convicted felons that will soon re-enter the work force. My talk was on ‘How to overcome an imperfect resume!’


Over the past decade I’ve given hundreds of speeches and presentations throughout the world on leadership development, ethics, corporate governance and career skills. My audience has ranged from college and university students to Corporate Executives and Board of Directors of Major Global Organizations. My goal in 2017 is to expand my reach so my I can help more professionals develop a winning mindset to advance their careers. I will accomplish this by:

  • Launching a iTunes podcast called ‘Get Promoted Now’. Release date to in March 2017. Join my launch team to receive exclusive benefits.
Get Promoted itunes podcast - winning mindset

Get Promoted Now – New & Noteworthy


  • Launching a Book called ‘Aced. Superior Interviews to Land Your Dream Job!” Launch date is in April 2017. Are you interested in self publishing your next book? Is so, I recommend going this site.


TODAY matters. Your daily activities determine your success. Are your routines effective and making a positive impact on your mindset? Each day, I aim to inspire, challenge, and equip you with leadership insights I have obtained over the course of my career that are as timeless as they are true. I am excited to share these powerful messages with YOU. I encourage you to pass these on to others, and together we can intentionally enrich the world.