Teamwork: How to Develop High Performance Teams

Cohesive Teamwork and Team Building Skills are critical for success!

Teamwork is essential. You can do anything, but you CAN’T do everything! 

High performance teamwork

Being able to prioritize your time and energy as a manager will determine how successful your team will be. Team building skills are critical to become a leader. A crucial component of cohesive teamwork is YOU! And, YOU are important because your team members rely on you for direction. Are you crystal clear in all your communications? Your staff and colleagues are observing your every action. Are you setting a great example for them to follow? Follow me on twitter for daily motivation and inspiration.

Find what is most important to your team members. Then, find out why that is most important to them. It is this 2nd step that only the best leaders make the effort to learn. Learning this subconscious motivation will allow you as a team leader to talk in terms of each member on an individual basis. It is the little things you do that have the biggest impact on helping achieve peak performance teamwork.

To facilitate cohesive teamwork follow these tips:

  1. Gain buy-in and agree to an ongoing communication plan.
  2. Discuss TEAM values and goals
  3. Deal with conflict on a timely and fair basis

Dealing with conflict has the potential to be a growth opportunity for all parties. Just make sure to:

  1. Set clear expectations.
  2. Treat people how you want to be treated. (Dr. Phil)
  3. Holding people accountable.

Toastmasters is an organization that is ideally suited to provide you with the sandbox to practice your teamwork skills. Part of their leadership training focuses on team building exercises. You have the ability to become an expert in the field of team building. Invest the time to try new ideas and let me know about your progress in the comment section. See you at the top!