Aced: Superior Interview Skills to Gain an Unfair Advantage to Land Your Dream Job! (2017)

Interview skills are notoriously difficult. But, this book will immediately help you succeed! That is why you should download ACED today. And because you are AWESOME! The choice is entirely up to you.

After reading this book, you’ll be able to build immediate trust and credibility in your interview. You will possess more confidence. You’ll be prepared and in control like never before. 

Mastering Interview Skills to Land Your Dream Job Is within Your Reach!

This is the single most important book for you to land your dream job. Because I have been where you are and understand what you are going through, I have the solution to help you change your career for the better. And even if you are an introvert.

You can land your dream job. But how?

Imagine how your career could be different if you knew exactly what you needed to do in your most important interviews every single time. That’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do, both for the live and online interview.

In this book, I share my decades of experience as both a job candidate and as a hiring manager. Over my career, I’ve interviewed numerous times for all levels of management. I’ve also interviewed hundreds of job candidates. I wrote this book to help you to LAND YOUR DREAM JOB! 



Teamwork: How to Develop High Performance Teams

Cohesive Teamwork and Team Building Skills are critical for success!

Teamwork is essential. You can do anything, but you CAN’T do everything! 

High performance teamwork

Being able to prioritize your time and energy as a manager will determine how successful your team will be. Team building skills are critical to become a leader. A crucial component of cohesive teamwork is YOU! And, YOU are important because your team members rely on you for direction. Are you crystal clear in all your communications? Your staff and colleagues are observing your every action. Are you setting a great example for them to follow? Follow me on twitter for daily motivation and inspiration.

Find what is most important to your team members. Then, find out why that is most important to them. It is this 2nd step that only the best leaders make the effort to learn. Learning this subconscious motivation will allow you as a team leader to talk in terms of each member on an individual basis. It is the little things you do that have the biggest impact on helping achieve peak performance teamwork.

To facilitate cohesive teamwork follow these tips:

  1. Gain buy-in and agree to an ongoing communication plan.
  2. Discuss TEAM values and goals
  3. Deal with conflict on a timely and fair basis

Dealing with conflict has the potential to be a growth opportunity for all parties. Just make sure to:

  1. Set clear expectations.
  2. Treat people how you want to be treated. (Dr. Phil)
  3. Holding people accountable.

Toastmasters is an organization that is ideally suited to provide you with the sandbox to practice your teamwork skills. Part of their leadership training focuses on team building exercises. You have the ability to become an expert in the field of team building. Invest the time to try new ideas and let me know about your progress in the comment section. See you at the top!

Mindset Matters. Develop a Winning Mindset. Why I write, speak and coach.

Helping aspiring leaders build a winning mindset to overcome career obstacles

My Purpose. Or Said another way, my WHY? I’ve mastered my winning mindset and you can too!

Many self-help gurus and motivational leaders start their presentations with a section on mindset and purpose. I’ve had a passion for being a mentor my entire life. From my childhood as a Boy Scout to my current role as SVP Finance, Chief Accounting Officer for a publicly traded company, I have been always prioritized helping others. Recently, I received amazing feedback from a local Judge on a presentation I gave to convicted felons that will soon re-enter the work force. My talk was on ‘How to overcome an imperfect resume!’


Over the past decade I’ve given hundreds of speeches and presentations throughout the world on leadership development, ethics, corporate governance and career skills. My audience has ranged from college and university students to Corporate Executives and Board of Directors of Major Global Organizations. My goal in 2017 is to expand my reach so my I can help more professionals develop a winning mindset to advance their careers. I will accomplish this by:

  • Launching a iTunes podcast called ‘Get Promoted Now’. Release date to in March 2017. Join my launch team to receive exclusive benefits.
Get Promoted itunes podcast - winning mindset

Get Promoted Now – New & Noteworthy


  • Launching a Book called ‘Aced. Superior Interviews to Land Your Dream Job!” Launch date is in April 2017. Are you interested in self publishing your next book? Is so, I recommend going this site.


TODAY matters. Your daily activities determine your success. Are your routines effective and making a positive impact on your mindset? Each day, I aim to inspire, challenge, and equip you with leadership insights I have obtained over the course of my career that are as timeless as they are true. I am excited to share these powerful messages with YOU. I encourage you to pass these on to others, and together we can intentionally enrich the world.


Don’t Sabotage Your Interview!

Interview Skills To Get Your Dream Job.

Land Your Dream Job

Imagine you’re in the reception area, waiting to interview for your dream job. Now you’ve spent so much time, energy, resources, preparing for this moment. How will you do? Will your interview skills shine? You may fall victim to the pitfalls, which will prevent you from achieving your sole goal of the interview, and that’s to land the offer. Let’s discuss a proven strategy to help you get out of your own way and help you land the job that you’ve dreamed of. I want to help you avoid the mistakes, ones that I’ve seen made over and over throughout the course of my career.

Interview Skills


Let’s get back to you. Your sitting there in the reception area. Think about it. When did you arrive in that reception area for that dream job? How long have you been there? Did you arrive the moment that your interview was to begin? Imagine that the interview starts at 9:30 am. Did you walk out of the elevator exactly at 9:30 or were you there a few minutes early? My first secret to success is one that I learned years ago in band camp, yes band camp.  My band director at the time shared with me a saying that I’ll always remember. It goes like this, “To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late.

Tip for interview skills success:

  • Demonstrate great behaviors of a future employee from the first point of contact in any interview.
  • You don’t want to make a bad first impression. Interviewers are making decisions on you and whether you are fit for the role and company in the first 90 seconds.
  • If you show up late, you’ve already failed. I will even go so far as to say if you show up late, your guaranteed not to receive a job offer.

Now I’ll share a personal story with you. I was hiring a team a few years back and there was a candidate who had a 9am interview.  I was waiting for the call from HR. Well 9:00 came around, 9:05, 9:10. I finally got the call from HR at 9:15 and in my mind, I already had a negative viewpoint of that individual that they were not dependable. If they didn’t respect my time, then how can I guarantee that when they’re working on my team, when I’m relying on them to meet the key deliverables that I’m responsible for? 

What about you? What steps will you take to increase your probability of landing your dream job? Please share your feedback below.

5 Simple Steps to Develop Communication Skills as a Leader

Effective communication for leadership development!

Track Your Performance to Improve Your Communication Skills as a Leader

Improve Your Communication Skills to become a Better Leader!

Have you ever wondered how leaders have mastered their communication skills to become so influential? Certainly, you want to get to the top of your profession, don’t you?

Your COMMUNICATION SKILLS determine your ultimate career success. #CommunicationSkills

You must first realize that you’re “on stage” during every encounter you have at work. All of us may not be in sales, but we’re always performing. From a recurring staff meeting to an executive briefing, there are those within the organization who are always evaluating your credibility and who will greatly influence your next role. I’ve seen countless employees fail to recognize this important concept, only to be passed over for promotions. Don’t let this happen to you! The earlier you improve your COMMUNICATION SKILLS the faster you’ll become an influential leader.

You must always clearly articulate your technical knowledge and professional judgment in all meetings, on conference calls, and through e-mail.

Trust your convictions, and speak your mind. These are advanced building blocks for developing your executive presence. The intangible asset that will expedite an increase in your influence and authority is confidence. The most successful professionals exude this characteristic in every communication. So what does that mean for you? Learning to develop powerful presentation and communication techniques will instantly raise your communication value. You can achieve that in five steps.

How To Amplify Your Influence in a Leadership Role

Influence More With Less Resistance!


Boost your INFLUENCE during your first 10 days in a new leadership role by dedicating sufficient time to building and nurturing internal relationships. Clearly, being an effective leader and achieving greater results is important to you, isn’t it?

No one will care as much about your career as you do! To climb the corporate ladder successfully, you need to implement enhanced leadership-building strategies. One of these is increasing your INFLUENCE. But how? You’ll need to increase your visibility within your organization ASAP! By doing this, you’ll insert yourself into the inner workings of the company, making you irreplaceable.

Naturally, increasing your authority and credibility is critical to a leader, right?

I hold the unofficial record for most new roles as a young professional. This has allowed me to create and learn from a diversified, world-class global business experience. I’ve worked for numerous accounting firms and public companies, both large and small, from Miami, Fla.; to Houston, Texas; to Melbourne, Australia; back to Miami; and now Dallas, Texas. And I’ve been in departments from external audit, to internal audit, to external audit, to financial reporting, to controllership and back. I attribute much of my career success to my ability to build and maintain relationships.

I felt a tremendous buildup of excitement once I completed my most recent job search process. I was extremely eager to join a fast-growing global mobile payments company at the executive level for which I knew I had the perfect skills to make a profound and lasting impact. My first day was a whirlwind: meeting interesting new people, completing my onboarding activities, and being immediately given the responsibility to solve difficult and complex financial reporting problems with tight deadlines. Fortunately, I was prepared to handle these tasks. But it has been my ability to influence and build a network that has been most important to get to this point in my career. My proven ‘PIE’ system will help you bolster your INFLUENCE:

Making PIE increases your INFLUENCE

Implement my ‘PIE’ strategy to boost your INFLUENCE as a LEADER!

Leadership Skills – How to develop a Leader Mindset

Tips on how to get ahead at work!

Leadership skills for leader mindset

The leadership skills needed to drastically improve your career outlook include being authentic, optimistic, powerful, possess significant presence, make critical and decisive decisions, manage excessive stress, have elite communication and presentation skills, and the list goes on and on and on. Do you ultimately believe you are capable of great things or are you settling for the safe job? Maybe you want a bigger and more challenging career. Maybe your mind is too often consumed by doubt and fear.

Mastering critical leadership skills is challenging, and most certainly requires a tactical plan for aspiring leaders to follow. Have you been following a plan to help you get ahead at work?

Check out my Leadership Skills TWEET!

One of my mentors that has helped me and provided the needed motivation to get more accomplished and be more productive is Tony Robbins. Recently, I revisited his book, Money Master the Game. Within one of the chapters he begins to discuss what goes into developing his programs to help people achieve massive transformations. What I found most profound, was that he said the only way a person can accomplish significant improvements in their life was to work on themselves first. That only through personal development can one break out of their pain and gain hope. He then goes on to clarify, it is one’s mindset that you must master first.

The following steps are a blueprint for helping professionals improve their leadership skills through Mastering Their Mindset in order to achieve peak performance at work.